‘diaries of moments recorded in an assertion of will from that will springs all wisdom’ — Jack Micheline

Jack, you sculpted beauty
out of lunacy
in a world
which seeped
and continues to seep

rare poetic soldier snare
beauty is everywhere
you had the eyes to see it
and you asserted it

lately I can’t
I’m forcing flowers
my eyes are shallow gallows
and beauty can’t be forced
it’s an effortless stride
a floating waltz
an uninhibited stroke
an ambling mind
a slur
a flicker
a flutter
a purge against the specific

show me beauty Jack
pick me up
tattoo my skin with your lines

that’s enough for me
you take the need for me out of me
I have become a floating vessel for your purity
you stimulate me
and I simulate you
I drift with the wind
wherever it may blow

visions of you
walking up endless streets
in the dark
shooting light in the bars on the bones
with the whores
and the outlaws
the drinkers and the thinkers
the lost and the unsung
the shot and the forgotten
which is everyone

you dispelled fear
that’s why
I ain’t afraid to show myself
cut mind and fuck luck

I’m with you now
no longer hanging
in the noose of language
I am made full with fear
and it’s going
I am going

I drink to you as you drank
to the lone birds
the freaks and the damned

I feel like a man of the world
a universal man
a lover
a bum
a mystic hum
a real man ready for the night
I’ m ready to suffer to see
I feel like shards of glass
imbedded in every closed mind
a gadfly ready to mock the status quo
I feel
I feel
I feel
and few want to feel
it’s too hard to feel
you’re too vulnerable when you feel
ain’t get paid when you feel
but when I feel
it don’t matter
that I feel
or what I feel
just that I feel
and when it’s that way
my way
your way
everyone’s way
it becomes the way
showing its
beautiful face

tender hearted/sensitised/receptive/perceptive Micheline Truth
looking for me
looking at me
comes face to face and says
you be me
let’s create
let’s escape
let’s dance and sing
let’s be like Jack Micheline!