With the publication of RAGGED LION, Vagabond Press has made a major contribution to the annals of America’s literary history. RAGGED LION is a must-read for anyone interested in what American literature was all about in the second half of the Twentieth Century…..
Ragged Lion is a celebration of Micheline’s existence, which–from all indications–is going strong, somewhere out there beyond our wildest dreams.
* Hardcover: 210 pages * Publisher: Vagabond Press (December 1, 1999)
* ISBN-10: 0912824395 * ISBN-13: 978-0912824390
John Bennett is the founder of Vagabond Press, the former editor of the seminal small press magazine, Vagabond, and the author of over 21 books of prose, poetry and ‘shards’, a high-octane, hybrid form of short prose pieces. He also edited Ragged Lion, A Tribute to Jack Micheline, and recently recorded a CD of his shards entitled Rug Burn. A true iconoclast and die-hard individualist, Bennett has a strong aversion to all schools, movements, isms, etc, championing instead the voice of the socially dispossessed and the marginal outsider. — From a Bennett interview by Mark Terrill, in Rain Taxi Review of Books— John Bennett Bio & Bibliography page in Big Bridge