Poet of the streets

only rare things create | san francisco – january 1988

When love creates
When tenderness creates
It is the greatest of all sounds
When man and woman creates a baby is born
When fear creates anger is born
When loneliness creates despair is born
When business creates hype is born
When newspapers create politicians are born
When art galleries create money is born
Cemeteries don’t create
Museums don’t create
Hospitals don’t create
Prisons don’t create
Power don’t create
Only love creates
and it is the rarest thing of all


  1. Barry Curtis

    Being a poet myself, and having it flow as the only thing that helps me course through this whole biz called life, I’m enjoying finding these poems of Micheline here and I have to say he has been an inspiration to me ever since I ran across him years back in the Outlaw Anthology of Poetry where the editors gave a nice sampling of his work. Kudos to whoever put up this website. Kudos to whoever can make this place called the Internet and this place called Existence, Inside and Outside, a river in flowing process once more.

  2. Monsieur K.

    Hi Barry,

    and thanks a lot for your kind words.



  3. Barry Curtis

    Monsieur K.,

    I am afraid I have stumbled on this site by accident, just coz
    I was thinking about poets and I thought of Jack Micheline. Is this website associated with the Outlaw Book of Poetry and the poets that were in it? I apologize for my unawareness, but I’m only sporadically on the Internet…almost like a guy who goes for the occasional drink at a bar where he is comfortable (that’s me). I was just looking at the other parts/inclusions/essays which I will have to check out. Cool is the word that I give to what I see.

  4. Monsieur K.


    if you have some spare time, please have a look under “All Outlaw Poetry & Free Jazz Web Pages We Do!” on the down right side of the page and you will see where I’m coming from.

    Thanks again for your interest and have a great sunday!


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