Green is the color of greed and grass and leaves of trees
Green eyes on witches and bitches
Green is the color of fields and mountains
Green is the color of Bukowski’s rotting cheese
in his icebox
Green is Ferlinghetti’s hat and Bill Saroyan’s chest
Green is the ring around Norman Mailer’s face
Green is Janis Joplin’s sky and breasts
Green is the color of Jack Kerouac’s pea soup his
mother made for him
Green are my gambler’s pants
Green is the color of jade
Broccoli is green, spinach and peas are green
Snakes are green, Muldoon Elder is green Charlie is green
Rasputin was red and green, red and green make brown
Green are the eyes of cats, emeralds, jade
Jungles are loaded with green
The Greenbay Packers are green
The eyes of monsters are green
When my ass hurts it is green
Wall Street is green
Shamrocks are green
Saint Patrick’s Day is a sea of green
The priests and nuns wave green
Green goes with red, blue and yellow and off white
The sea is green
There are green hats, blouses, stockings, pants, and
Green is a tough color
Stay away from green
It’s the snot of your nostril
Beware of green guys with red hats
Currency is printed in green
Pirates wear green
The fields of the world are green, yellow, and blue
The sea is green,
A lush is green
Abundance is green
The frog is green, the fog is green
The world is loaded with green
The cat with green eyes danced up the street
Green, I love you green