questions for a spiritual portrait | Jack Micheline

Jack Micheline

would often be consigned to do work for people. One series he created was called a “Spiritual Portrait,” which was a painting done of and for a particular individual. Micheline required all of his patrons to answer the following questions before completing the work. The answers would influence his choice of colors. This piece below was taken from Micheline’s archive after his death.


1. Did you ever belong to the Boy Scouts?

YES: I use Brown NO: No Brown

2. What is your astrological sign?

Pisces: Green; Aries: Purple; Gemini: Pink; Cancer: Red; Leo: Yellow; Virgo: Blue; Libra: Orange; Scorpio: Red; Sagittarius: Indigo; Capricorn: Light Green

3. What is your favorite color?

Color is used sometimes to define a person’s body or his image (hat) or moon if a person is a dreamer.

4. Do you like ice cream?

Flavor liked influences intensities of a person’s image. Cherry = strong Red; Chocolate = Dark brown; Vanilla = off White; Usually reflected in lip or eyelash color

5. What kind of girls or men do you like?

Skinny = ice Blue; Medium = Orange; Fat = Brown; Blond = Yellow; Brunette = Black; Redhead = fire Red; These often influence how I paint facial features.

6. Do you have a recurrent dream?

NO: Lacks personal perceptions which I interpret with less vigorous colors and contrasts.

YES: Picture painted with more movement especially in the background.

If sex dreams: hot Pink, reds, whites and blacks. If fear and religious dreams: then Blues and Purples. Cosmic and spiritual dreams require Yellows. Ambitious dreams require greens

7. What is your profession?

Lawyer: White; Doctor: White; Secretary: Pink; Laborer: Black; Artist: Red; Gambler: Kelly Green; Wife: Pink; Businessman: Green; Cop: Blue; Preacher: Black; Whore: Red; Thief: Black; Wino: Red; Writer: Yellow; Poet: Green. These colors often influence eye color.

8. What was your father’s profession?

If same as #7, than portrait is steadier. This determines personal rebellion factors.

9. Do you take long walks?

YES – Composition is looser.

10. Do you like to drive?

YES: Day means nothing but night means cerulean blue sky.

11. Do you still count stars?

NO – White overtakes color in eyes.

12. Is money important to you?

YES: Green, the more the darker, usually influences hat color; if NO then I know he’s a liar.

13. What is your most memorable experience in your life?

Normal (college, marriage, etc…rust: car wreck = Black; Death of parent = Blue; Loss of virginity = Scarlet; Going Broke = Dark Brown; Getting rich = Chartreuse.These colors find there way into the portrait’s ears.

14. Do you enjoy sex?

YES: Red; NO: White. This influences the neck color.

15. Do you believe in God?

YES: Orange in the sky and/or Moon; NO: White or black sky

16. What is your favorite animal?

Lizard – Green; Dogs, Monkeys, Cats, etc. – Browns; Birds – Yellow; Rat – Black; Fish – cold Blue. These colors influence the ground color in the composition.

17. Do you believe in reincarnation?

YES: Green or Blue ring around the moon.

18. Do you have a favorite sport?

YES: Activity in composition implies activity within the spirit.

19. Do you have a favorite author?

YES: Implies desire and respect.

20. What is your favorite food?

Ethnic/spicy foods imply red; my mother’s cooking implies love which is pink to yellow.