With your short hands
And wide grin
My Grandaughter Nicole
Beats the drum For Me
She sits at her small desk
And draws her dreams
makes butterflies and horsies
From the playdough machine
Makes pigs and ducks too
Lions and Tigers and The Little Mouse Too
Hummingbirds and Elephants
And Wacky Dacky Doo
She has a dog that’s Frisky Named Sangie
And A daddy named Vince
And A Moma called Sheri
And A granma Pat
And once in A while
An old MAN comes Around
And is name is Grandpa Jack
Beat that drum For Me Nicky
Beat the Monkey with A stick
When the moon is Funny
And the moon is high
When the moon is Full
We’ll All get high
Once in a while
An old Man comes by
and his Name is Grandpa Jack
Beat the drum For me Nicky.
Beat the drum for me